Building a better shopping experience with digital brand design and personalisation


2015 – Ongoing


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The formerly fragmented Migros online world had to be combined under one roof and the brand values of “love, trust, uniqueness, Swissness and freshness” had to be brought to life, digitally. Aside from business- and sales-orientated goals, the Migros brand identity had to be strengthened in the digital realm and translated in a contemporary manner.

The new

“Welcome back, Evelyn Meier!”. This is how personally Migros greets its customers on the new site. Switzerland’s biggest employer’s promise to always be at the customer’s side, can now be fulfilled even more. Today, every user can access the entire range of Migros products and services on one platform and — thanks to its multi-device design — even on the go, in a handy pocket-sized format. It doesn’t get closer than that.
Over the course of two years we rebuilt the entire online shopping experience of Switzerland's largest retail company Migros. At Aperto we were responsible for the entire project’s management as well as concept, design and technical implementation. With the help of Google Analytics, consumer research and a mobile first design approach in mind we established a consistent user experience across plattforms, devices and sub-brands. A major part of the relaunch was the creation of an adjustable shopping profile for each customer including shopping lists, coupons and recommendations based on favorite products and personal preferences.


2.5 M
User Profiles

Digital Brand Experience

Irrespective of which device the new website is accessed on, consistent, clear design guarantees users a seamless user experience. Large format imagery reflects the warmth, clarity and emotion of the Migros brand. Typography, text, style elements, images and animations also serve to reinforce the more personal tonality with the user. A consistent icon system guides the user from the website to the supermarket..

Irrespective of which device the new website is accessed on, consistent, clear design guarantees users a seamless user experience.


Full Canvas Navigation

In order to provide quick and easy access to products, services and corporate content across the board we decided to use a full canvas navigation, which replaced the former door page concept. The navigation provided entry points for different target groups with a strong focus on shopping and the Migros membership program.

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