Digital Storytelling with a website tool, developed for promotional campaigns


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WWF is the worlds leading non-governmental organization with over five million supporters worldwide, working in more than 100 countries. WWF is working in the field of the wilderness preservation and the reduction of humanity’s footprint on the environment. In order to sensitize people and collect donations for their various environmental projects Aperto designed a cross media storytelling tool. It started with a campaign about Bonobos which are killed in Africa very often. There, the meat is classified as a delicacy, is source of income and a cheap protein source.


A narrative story

The main idea was to give the reader an understanding of the bonobo’s lives, to show that the Bonobos are the human’s closest descendants. Therefore the story is a very narrative one that uses several media like intimate and impressive pictures as a slideshow or even as a background picture, emotional videos and informative infographics. The story is separated in several chapters, after each the reader is invited to donate to help the bonobos in Africa.


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